Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Flowers and New News

Yesterday was such a gorgeous day that I spent most of it out in the yard getting a nice headstart on my spring clean up. It always amazes me how fast everything grows this time of year. It's as though you can actually see things growing right before your eyes. Here are a few pictures of my blooming trees and plants-

I also had some very amazing news this weekend. Jane DesRosier (aka grittyjane) chose my Wise and Wacky Owl as one of the dolls to be featured on the main page of Cloth and Clay Dolls (I'm sooo excited). You can see him here 

and... as if that weren't enough, I've been featured in 3 Etsy treasuries over the last 3 days. Here are the links if you care to take a look:

What an amazingly great weekend and lots of exciting news to go with it. Hope yours was a great one too :)

By the way- my carrot doll is coming right along and I'll have pictures to post real soon.

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