Saturday, April 14, 2012

Carrot Top Disaster

Well it's going to be a gorgeous day today with temps in the 80's- I'm lovin it!! I've been working on a couple different projects this week and nothing is coming easily. I really hate getting in spells like this.  I had a fun idea for a painting - a bunny in a garden of giant carrots. I got off to a good start but then it came time to add greenery to the tops of my carrots, and the results were ... well... YUK! I tried them one way, I didn't like them so I tried to paint over them and ended up  making a complete mess.  For some reason I seem incapable of painting greenery of any kind. I can paint great trees as long as they're bare, and flowers without stems and leaves, and apparently carrots as long as I leave the tops off. You know, I suspected this would happen even before I started painting. Oh well... all is not lost. I'll finish the bunny and cut him out for some future use. The good thing that came from all this is that I've been inspired to create a carrot doll- I've already started and with any luck I'll be able to give you a preview soon. Have a wonderful weekend! 

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