Friday, September 21, 2012

Little Man with Little Umbrella

I've been very busy making lots of new dolls. I thought I'd share my new favorite... I just love this little guy.... isn't he the cutest?? And the umbrella was so much fun to make. Don't be surprised if you start seeing all my dolls with umbrellas- lol. I'm actually using this idea to make a pair of dolls for my mom and dad for their 50th Anniversary. There'll be a boy doll and a girl doll wearing yellow raincoats, facing eachother and holding one big umbrella between them. I've already started. If I'm successful I'll post some pictures. This little dude was posted in my Etsy shop tonight along with a new Wheely Bird doll. Drop by and check them out. I have two more dolls that are almost finished, so stay tuned...

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