Saturday, August 15, 2009

My new Etsy Shop

Well, I have opened another etsy shop called Fanciful Finds ( Hopefully, I will be selling a variety of items to other artists and crafters for use in their own artwork. Over the years I have accumulated a vast collection of vintage paper, including greeting cards, postcards, stamps, colored plates from old dictionaries and reference books, as well as ribbon, lace, buttons, beads and soooo much more. My collections have gotten a little overwhelming, plus I really don't see myself stopping. So I decided that if I sold some of the stuff I collect, I can hopefully prevent my house from bursting at the seams and make my husband happy as well :-) And... the big plus is that I can keep collecting all the little things that I come across at yard sales and thrift shops. Check out these fairytale scenes that I found in a very old German children's storybook- aren't they great?

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